Stu, as a Packers fan, I want to talk Super Bowl with you.

Oh, c’mon your Lordness.  Isn’t enough that you gave me a brutal beatdown with Your ugly stick?

That wasn’t me.  That was one of My right-hand angels.  He was bitter after I wiped him out in a game of Texas Hold ‘Em.

Really, what was your hand?

I decided to blow off the cards and hold all of Texas, which beats a royal flush donachathink?  Being the All-Powerful rocks!

I guess.  Anyway, didn’t you smite me enough on Sunday?

What, just because I gaveth you a quarterback who can’t keep his junk away from barflys and his midrange passes away from d-backs?

Oh, and a nose the size of a third-world country?

And a physique straight out of a third-world country?

And a wife who loves the Packers and has a hairtrigger temper?

Yeah, well that too.

And a really nasty disease that forced you to quit drinking?

What?  I don’t have a…

Um.  Uh.  Don’t worry, that won’t happen for…wait, what’s today’s date again?

Very funny, your Worshipfulness.

Anyway, none of those things was the real smiting I am sending unto thou.

Do I even want to know?

Too late.  Yea verily, here comes your smiting now.

It’s Lovey!  With a machine gun!!!  Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!



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