Nothing says rap music like a head coach with a combover and a tight end from BYU with a porn ‘stache.

Let’s be clear about where KCAL Nation stands on this one:  We know there are lots of Boltheads and lots of Raider Nation members who are part of our family.  As for us, we’re equal opportunity haters who love a great rivalry.  Before the week is out, there will be plenty of smack from both sides, but let’s start things off with a check of exactly where we stand.

The Raiders, coming off a 32-point near-miss (That’s sarcasm, y’all!) in Blitzburgh and an ugly 16-point home loss to Miami are now just a hair under .500 at 5-6.  Boasting a running attack that piled up 16 yards against the ‘Fins, the Silver and Black now face one of the leagues top rushing defenses.  If Oakland’s season isn’t in a death spiral yet, they’re certainly banking hard to the right.

The Chargers, heading in the opposite direction, just flew into Indy and worked Peyton Manning and the Colts to the tune of 36-14 for their fourth straight win.  Speaking of rush defense, the Colts bruised the Bolts for a devastating 24 yards on the ground.  With Kansas City a game up and coming to the Q a week from Sunday, the Chargers are clearly focused on the task ahead.

So that’s where we are today.  The Raiders, two games out in the West and with K.C. getting a home gimme against Denver, are in danger of falling three back with four games to go.  We frequently refer to this as near-death.  The Chargers, with their fifth straight division crown clearly in their sights, have five very winnable games left in the regular season.

Last time around, the Bolts outgained the Pride & Poise Boys 506 yards to 279.  Oh, and they lost, meaning that, with a win on Sunday, the Raiders own the tiebreaker with the Chargers.  Either way, death – at least the football version of it – awaits someone with nasty, big pointy teeth.

On the other hand, things could always be worse.  Your team could have recorded this trainwreck.



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