And so it begins…after their typically hideous start, the San Diego Chargers are on a two-game winning streak and one game back in the AFC West that they have pwned for the last four years.  Let the annual run to the division title begin.

Over the next four weeks, you’ll hear the Bolts host all three division rivals on this here radio station, a run interrupted only by a holiday weekend Sunday night throw with the Colts.  With a torchable secondary and the fourth-worst rushing game in the NFL, Indy isn’t quite what it was last year, when the Colts made their second Super Bowl appearance of the Manning era before getting dusted by New Orleans.  With Master P(eyton) having his worst season in nine years…

…Oops, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.  We need to shred the Broncos first.  One fun note about that:  We know that KCAL Nation includes tons of Boltheads and tons of members of Raider Nation, and while the two might not particularly care for each other, there’s one thing everyone can agree on.  Everybody hates Denver.

Actually, that’s not fair to say.  First, we’re all pretty appreciative of the Broncs bringing KC back to Earth last week.  Second, it’s hard to hate a bunch of fans who are terminally Rocky Mountain High, especially when we work with Stu, who is terminally Inland Empire High.  Oh, and if you were in the stands three weeks ago when Josh McDaniels’ guys pulled that 59-14 laydown against the Raiders, you know that the psychos in silver and black were actually hugging the Bronco partisans and offering their sympathies.

Why bother?  After blowing a three game division lead with three games left in the regular season in 2008, concluding with a 52-21 demolition at the hands of the Chargers, and then getting destroyed 44-24 at home by the 4-12 Chiefs in Week 17 with a playoff berth on the line, the Broncs are doing their fans a favor this year.

Already in last place, at least they won’t have to tank the month of December to miss the postseason.



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