Jimmie Johnson has been an awesome champion, what with those four consecutive Sprint Cups and all.  That throw at Homestead this Sunday to decide whether he can pass Denny Hamlin, hold off Kevin Harvick, and extend his record run at the top of NASCAR to five years will rock.

With all due respect, however, we’ve found an even awesomer champion driver, one whose exploits can motivate every member (pun vaguely intended) of KCAL Nation.  His name?

Hunt.  James Hunt.

Oh sure, he was the 1976 Formula One champion, but we’ll let you decide which was truly his most remarkable accomplishment.  Was it the 5,000 women he’s credited with hooking up with?  Was it “selling” his wife to Richard Burton for $1,000,000?  Or was it the most race epic weekend of all time – banging 33 flight attendants while holding off Niki Lauda for the F1 world championship by one point?

Oh sure, he was no Wilt Chamberlain.  For that matter, us regular types here at KCAL would note that he was no Umberto Billo.  (Billo is the Vegas hotel porter whose alleged 8,000 notches in the bedpost may have happened in Vegas, but definitely didn’t stay in Vegas.)

Still, the triple crown of running up 5,000 points on the scoreboard – 33 of them in one epic, world championship weekend – and selling your wife to a film legend for a cool mil is undeniably a feat no NASCAR, CART or Formula One driver will ever again achieve.

As we enjoy Ford 400 in Homestead this Sunday, James Hunt, we shall lift a cocktail to your memory, sir.



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