This is part 1… The Opening Acts!

Last weekend the Mayhem Festival hit San Manuel Amphitheater to kick off the 2014 tour. This was my second year shooting photos at Mayhem, and the fact that they kick it off in San Bernardino is fantastic. If you’re into heavy music, then you are most likely familiar with the Mayhem Festival, but if not, I will try to sum it up for you.


Mayhem Festival is a full day in the Southern California summer sun, in Southern California heat. This year was not nearly as hot as last year, but it’s still hot.

The setup consists of 3 stages out by the San Manuel Amphitheater VIP parking lot, which is a large grass field. Those stages have a non-stop schedule of 15 bands, with the last band ending just after 6 pm. Then, at 6:30 the Main Stage kicks off with a few openers followed by 2 Headliners. This year, The Headliners were Korn & Avenged Sevenfold. In this, the first of two posts, are the photos from all of the opening acts. Korn and A7X photos will be in the second post, which you can find here.


The Main Stage Openers


Asking Alexandria

The last Main Stage opener before Korn was Asking Alexandria. I shot AA last time they were in the IE, at the Citizens Business Bank Arena, again with A7X. Young english guys with tons of energy, they are a blast to photograph.








Kicking the main stage off was Trivium.





Secondary Stages


Body Count

(Featuring Ice-T)


By far the band everyone wanted to see was the Ice-T band from days gone by, Body Count. I saw them recently on Jimmy Fallon as was surprised. These guys are metal all the way, and the guitarist Ernie C (pictured below) is amazing! The photo pit for these guys was zoo packed you could hardly move.


Below are photos of the rest of the opening acts. Enjoy!


Cannibal Corpse




Suicide Silence

Following the death of frontman Mitch Lucker, the band from Riverside is now lead by Hernan Hermida, pictured below.




Miss May I




Darkest Hour





This was interesting. I had heard of, but never seen Mushroomhead. My first thought was Slipknot meets The Blue Man Group. These guys play drums with water on them, and I loved the whole vibe.





Upon A Burning Body



Texas Hippie Coalition

Ok, now I have seen everything.





Veil of Maya



King 810

This band hurt. They had flags on poles on each side of the stage that read “King”. One of them caught the wind and blew into the photo pit hitting me on the head. At first I though someone had thrown a bottle or something because it felt like glass or metal. I’d suggest to this band they don’t use banners like sails in the wind.





This was the local Headbanger winner, from a contest held at The Whiskey A GoGo. They competed against 9 or so bands, and in each city the tour will have a local band. When I saw the name I wanted to tell them they need a better one, since no one in the pit could read or pronounce it. So, I looked it up! Ophiuchus is a large constellation located around the celestial equator. There, now we know. These guys were from the LA area, and were great to the crowd. They did great on stage too.



So there you have the opening acts. Korn and Avenged Sevenfold will be in the second post, which you can see here. If you went to Mayhem Fest, let us know what you thought in the comments below.



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