Last Saturday, WCK Full Rules Muay Thai hit the Pechanga Resort & Casino for “Matter of Pride”. If you are a fight sports fan, and haven’t seen Muay Thai, you are missing out. Muay Thai is one of the most exciting fight sports out there. While I love MMA too, and appreciate the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu game, Muay Thai is non-stop, stand-up action – and Saturday’s card was full of great fights, including a number title fights.


First up was Welterweights Andrew Gabriel (above left) vs. Travis Yoon. Gabrial won via TKO in Rd. 2, and after this fight I knew the was going to be good.


Next was the IAMTF Super Middleweight Western Title fight between Francisco Garcia(above left) & James Steelsmith. I wanted to see Steelsmith fight, since he had beaten a friend of mine some time back. Garcia won via Unanimous Decision.


The WCK Featherweight fight between Adrian Morilla (above right) & Levon Sarksyan was great. The whole fight I was not sure who was ahead, and the results agreed with me.


In the end I thought Sarksyan (above right) won, the judges had a Majority Draw. No one looked too happy, but probably accurate.

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The fourth fight was a friend of mine, Jason Caldwell (above right). He is one of the Muay Thai instructors at USKO in Riverside & Corona, where I do Karate. It was Jason’s first pro fight, and Cruiserweight is not his normal weight. Jason likes a challenge. Adding to that was the fact that his opponent was good, really good.

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All fighters train hard, and think they deserve to win, but when it’s someone you know… well, you want them to succeed, and Jason pulled out the win defeating Charles Bisset via Unanimous Decision. By the way, The guy third from the right in the photo above is K1 fighter Joey Pagliuso.


The Women’s Featherweight bout between Zoila Frausto & Linda Aguilar was a matchup I thought was uneven. Zoila (above left) just seemed to have more technique available to her. The fight was stopped via TKO in round 2.



One of my favorite shots of the night was her elbow strike above, and that’s Aguilar’s leg after the fight – Ouch!


The first photo of this post is of the fight pictured above. This was a great fight. Melsik Baghdasaryan (above left) may have the heaviest hands I have heard. Yeah, “heard”. He punished John Vargas with liver shots until the fight was stopped via TKO in Rd. 3. Below is an example of his power…


I have to hand to to Vargas. He never stopped coming, even after some very painful shots.


Second from the left above is Edmond Tarverdyan. He was also in the corner of the earlier Sarksyan fight. If you recognize him it’s because he is Ronda Rousey’s trainer.



The next fight was a Super Lightweight bout, and lasted about :59 seconds before the TKO call. Marvin Madariaga def. Travis Garlits in the shortest fight of the night.


The guy kicking above is San Bernardino’s Adam Rothweiler. I have shot Adam’s fights before, and he’s always fun to watch.



As you can see above, his opponent David Huerta suffered a cut on the side of his head, but that didn’t stop him. These two kept congratulating each other on good strikes.


One of the things I like about watching Adam is that he is dynamic. Flying knees, like above, are regular things for him.



Adam did take his share of punishment too, but he pulled out a Split Decision. Many in the crowd didn’t seem to agree with the result, but that’s why they say never leave it to the judges. As you can see above, Adam knew it was close.


Next up was a fan favorite. Jemyma Betrain vs. Thais Souza for the WCK & WBC Muay Thai Woman’s Bantamweight World Title. Jemyma is a beast, but one of the nicest people you’ll meet. I mentioned K1 fighter Joey Pagliuso, of USKO, earlier. Well, his daughter is a big fan of Jamyma so Jamyma walked to the ring with her.








As you can see, Jamyma won the fight, via TKO in Rd. 3.



I was really looking forward to the Landon Simmons & Bryce Krause match for the WBC Muay Thai Welterweight National Title. I have shot Bryce’s fights a few times. This guy is good, but something seemed off this time, and Simmons (smiling above) took the win via KO in the first.


Last up was the WCL Heavyweight International Championship bout between Sam Alvey & Sergio Pique.  Sam won the fight by TKO.

One of the things I like about going to WCK events is the atmosphere. They are usually filmed for airing at a later date on Fox Sports San Diego. Saturday was different. The event was broadcast live on Fox Sports San Diego (available on DirectTV channel 694). That was cool.

WCK holds events throughout the So Cal area, along with many other areas like Vegas or China, so if you are looking for some great entertainment, try it. And say hi if you see me there!




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