Heart, with Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience

When is a concert is more than just entertainment?


I was going to write this post over a week ago. I actually started writing it too. Really, I did. Then something interesting happened. Last week I was on-the-air for Daryl, and when I came in after Kelli we started taking about this concert. I shot the show at The Greek, in LA, on Friday. She had seen it in Indio the night after I shot it. It seems I am not the only one that loved the show.


I have shot Heart 3 times now (The first two are here, and here), and this was the second time shooting JB’s LZE (the first was here). As I first started writing I started thinking… “You have posted these guys before, so why again? What makes this something that deserves another set of photos?” I had to sit on that for awhile. I knew I had an answer, but wasn’t sure what it was just yet. Then it hit me…


I grew up on Zep. If you’ve ever listened to me on-air you may know I am a Zep fan. I remember walking down the street with friends singing Rock N Roll. I grew up on a lot of stuff, but Zep just made sense to me from day 1. The first time I saw the JBLZE show I was amazed. Jason stood up part way through the show to explain that this was not his attempt at a cover band, I mean he has already played with the real band. This was not just a tribute to his Dad’s band either. This was his youth. Just like you and I, Jason grew up on Zep. These are the songs, just like us, that he connects with. The fact that he has a personal connection too is just the bonus. Oh yeah, the band he has assembled is amazing. James Dylan on vocals is as good as it gets.


So, what I am trying to say is… when it comes to Led Zeppelin, you must see this band. It’s mandatory.


Heart needs no introduction. They are Rock N Roll Hall of Famers. Still, I asked the same question.. “why, after 3 shoots, do you still feel like you would go and photo the band again”? Easy, I firmly believe that Ann Wilson is the single greatest female rock vocalist of all time. Yep, it’s her. Don’t get me wrong, there are some other amazing people that would be on the list, but she is at the top. And I don’t want to limit this praise to “female rock vocalists”. Ann Wilson can sing circles around just about anyone, male, female, whatever.


Heart is also famous for something at their shows. They always close with an encore that includes Zep. Ann Wilson singing Zep is effing crazy. Here’s my proof: When Led Zeppelin was honored at The Kennedy Center Honors, it was Heart that played on stage. Yeah, when someone needs an “Official Tribute” to Led Zeppelin, they call Heart.


I should mention, for full disclosure, that my thoughts about this show are in no way influenced by the fact I grew up listening to Heart – and crazy about Nancy Wilson. No influence at all, none, I would not cheapen this post with such things. Ok, I would, but I would not admit to it.

Heart-08-23-13-288 Edit

For this show, they start with an abbreviated set from JBLZE, then Heart does their thing, and the show ends with a great encore set from both bands. Freaking awesome. All I am trying to say is see this show. If you need to, travel to do it, but do it.

Here’s a few more shots from the show:




















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