Last Thursday night, San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino hosted the M-One “Reborn” Muay Thai event. There were nine great bouts, with seven of the nine being for a title. Six of the fights ended with either a KO, or a TKO, and last fight ,with the Inland Empire’s own Joey Pagliuso, ended with a knockout that actually worried people. Starting the night, Eric Luna defeated David Huerta for the MTAA National Junior Lightweight Title. Adam Rothwiler, pictured on the left above delivering a straight left to Jessie Magusen, won by KO.


Glen Spencer, pictured on the right above, won a Light Heavyweight fight by TKO over Sebastian Lopez after a flurry of knees to the body had Lopez unable to continue.


Looking on, during the MTAA World Super Welterweight Title bout between Tanongdej Petchpayathai and Charlie Peters were two of San Manuel’s lovely ring girls. Oh yeah, Tanongdej Petchpayathai won… another KO.


Bryce Krause, above right, is a blast to watch fight. I have photos from his fight at K-1 Rising last year that are some of my favorites. Thursday night he took on Douglas Edwards for the MTAA National Championship Super Welterweight Title, and he won by decision.


The photo below, of Tetsuya Yamato, is the result of the WBC World Super Lightweight Title bout between he and (OK, I really hope I am getting these names spelled correctly) Sakkadao Petchpayathai.


Sakkadao Petchpayathai won when the doctors stopped the fight due to that cut over his eye. Muay Thai hurts man.

In the M-One World Middleweight fight between Superball Lukchaomaesaiwaree and Craig Jose, Superball Lukchaomaesaiwaree, seen kicking Jose in the face below, won by decision.


The M-One World Super Flyweight Title was won by Jomhod Sagami, after he caught Romie Adanza with a fast elbow to the forehead. As you can below, the doctors tried to patch him up but every time they let go, the cut bled all over his face. This one had the fans of the Romie pretty upset, and the Boos contained a few four letter words.


The last fight of the night was the one everyone was talking about walking out. It was not the Main Event, but it was the fight of the night. Fighting for the MTAA National Championship Welterweight Title, Riverside’s Joey Pagliuso – fighting for the USKO Fight Team – pulled off a KO of Karlos Aldama that had the entire place holding their breath.


Joey is another fighter I have photographed a few times before, including the K-1 Rising event last year. Joey is the main reason I wanted to shoot the event Thursday. With a Karate background, watching Joey fight Muay Thai is unique.


After knocking down Aldma early, there was a mandatory standing count. I could not tell from my position, but everyone (and I mean everyone) I talked to later said Aldama’s eyes were obviously gone. Most people thought the fight should have been stopped. When the fight resumed I knew Pagliuso was going to capitalize on the knockdown, and man he did. I did not want to miss the shot, so I fired off 8 shots a second. Joey walked up and dropped Karlos with a vicious right.  I got a seven shot sequence of the knockout, with the first shot above and the last below. Unfortunately their backs were towards me, but this was… I have no words.


Aldama was out, and I mean out. Whenever someone is knocked down, or out, I try to get an image of them down. I never really worried about it, because they usually get talked to by the doctors and then helped to sit up. Not this time. The images I captured are actually uncomfortable to see. Aldama’s eyes are gone. He was not moving either. I decided that out of respect for Karlos Aldama I would not post those shots. That dude is warrior.

As you can see below, Joey – a man with amazing class – knelt down and waited. You can see in his eyes that he concerned for a fellow fighter. No one every wants anyone to get hurt.


What fascinated me was the kneeling. This is not a Muay Thai thing, but a Karate thing – when a bout is stopped for injury you kneel and wait, out of respect. I have trained with the entire Pagliuso family, and this guy was obviously concerned for his opponent.


When the time came for the win to be announced, which felt like a long time, everyone was happy for Joey – no one was celebrating though. Everyone was still watching to make sure Aldama was OK.


After putting a neck brace on Karlos, and placing him on a backboard, the medics wheeled him out of the room. I have seen mentioned on Facebook that Karlos is doing OK, and healthy. Glad to hear it, and with that… We have a Champion in the Inland Empire!


Congrats Joey Pagliuso, and the entire USKO Fight Team.

If you have never seen Muay Thai before, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a very exciting style of Martial Arts. Thanks to M-One for putting on a great event in the IE, and to San Manual Indian Bingo & Casino for supporting this sport.

UPDATE: Here is a link to a video I found on Facebook of the knockout. it’s not great quality, but wow.



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