Last Saturday Journey was at San Manuel Amphitheater, with Loverboy and Pat Benatar as the openers. How was it? My wife probably summed it up best when she said that “concerts are always great when you know every song”. These three bands have had some serious hits, and for 4 hours Saturday the crowd seemed to remember them all.


Loveryboy kicked the show off, and I do have to say the first few minutes sounded a bit off. I was in the photo pit, and had some ear plugs in, but something did not seem right. After a song a two though, they had dialed in the sound.

The Loverboy song library includes nothing buts hits, and rock classics. When they broke into “Working for the Weekend”, everyone stood up. Throughout their 45 minute or so set, even I kept saying “Oh yeah, I forgot about this one”!

Check out just a few of Loverboy’s hits and you’ll see what I mean:

Working for the Weekend
Turn Me Loose
The Kid is Hot Tonight
Hot Girls in Love
Queen of the Broken Hearts


I have covered Journey once before, when they were at the Hollywood Bowl last year – you can read that post here. Everyone asks “how’s the new singer?”, and I want to put that one to rest. His name is Arnel Pinéda, and he is fantastic. OK, that’s my opinion, but feel free to comment below. I have seen both by the way. I had the pleasure of seeing Journey at the Forum years ago, with Steve Perry.

Steve Perry live was amazing, and Arnel is too. He’s energetic, a showman, works the crowd, and oh yeah…. he can sing!

The crowd was there for Journey, and they spent a lot the show on their feet. The list of hits this band has had is crazy! Can you name 5 or more?

Ok, did you come up with any? Here’s a few:

Open Arms
Who’s Cryin’ Now
Send Her My Love
After The Fall
Separate Ways (World’s Apart)
Any Time
Don’t Stop Believing
Wheel in the Sky
Stone in Love
Anyway You Want It

This band was the music of a generation, and the song hold up today.

Let’s take a break for a few more photos:

Pat Benatar

You may have noticed that there are no Pat Benatar photos here. Both Loverboy and Journey allowed shooting from the photo pit, but for Pat Benatar we had to shoot from the sound board. It’s too far away to get any good photos without a very long lens, so I skipped the shoot. I can say that Pat Benatar is fantastic live. Really, this girl can sing.


This photo of Neal Schon from Saturday has a kind of 70′s poster like feel, and it was pretty much out of the camera like that. I wanted to play with it a bit to get a more dramatic look, and the second version is what I cam up with. My question is below…

So I am wondering which you like better, if any at all? Let me know in the comments below!



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