Tuesday night at the Honda Center in Anaheim Van Halen nailed a 2 hour show. I still can’t figure out how, or why, the 80′s dance band Kool and the Gang was the opening act, but I have to say… it was a good show.

There are those bands that we rockers want to see before we die. Too often though, it’s impossible. The bands break up, die, or meet some other untimely end before we get the chance. Van Halen was one of those bands for me.

I used to DJ weddings and parties for a living. A number of years ago I was working a holiday party in Pasadena when a gentleman came up and requested Van Halen. I asked the important question:

“Dave or Sammy?”

and he replied:

“David please”

Without thinking I said “Oh, The real Van Halen”. Don’t get me wrong, I like Sammy, but to me David Lee Roth was Van Halen. A few minutes later the host of the part came up and asked me…

“What did Dr. Roth want?”

Yeah, I answered correctly. Whew!

So anyway, the show Tuesday was great. Unfortunately the photographers had to shoot from the house mix, which is far from the stage – as you can see the next shot.

Still, it was a fun shoot and a great show.

Kool and The Gang sounded surprisingly good. I mean, I could have done without the disco, but at least we all know the songs. Once VH hit the stage, the show took off. There was so much news about the cancelled shows this year that I was watching for the band interactions, and they seemed great. They all looked good, sounded great, and seemed to genuinely be having a great time.

David does not move like he used to, and the big notes seemed to be avoided at times, which is normal for a 2 hour live show, but he can still sing. And watching Eddie play live is nothing short of amazing. Holy crap he can play.

Wolfie fit right in with the band – expected I guess, and Alex is a monster on drums.

The screen behind the stage was freakin huge! I also love that they mostly showed the band and not a constant flood of unrelated video. Take a look at this shot. You’ll see the band really small infront of this great huge video feed:

Over all it was a great night, seeing a great band. If you were there, throw your thoughts in the comments below.



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