As I went to write this post, I noticed that Rob Kiszko also posted about this show. You can read his take on it here. Hey Rob, next time lets car pool!

I had a chance to see the original Pink Floyd concert for The Wall, but ended up missing it. I had always regretted that, so when Roger Waters started touring with this version of The Wall… I knew I was going. Last year I saw the show at The Staples Center, and it is a fantastic show. Take a look at the opening image. You see the graffiti and banners behind Roger? That is The Wall, a pure white wall, with projections that change through the show.

Unlike Rob, this year I did not have tickets, just the photo pass. I was able to shoot the Intro and Song #1 before we had to move to far sides of the stage for songs 2, 3, and 4. For songs 5 and 6 we were allowed back into the center of the photo pit.

This was not so much a concert, as a multimedia extravaganza. You could almost go so far as to say it could be a play. It is brilliantly done, and the fact they manage all of the projections, a plane flying into the wall, the personnel, and oh yeah… the sound, is amazing. So, it was no wonder – although still surprising, when Roger stopped the show. I think the phrase was something like “I want to sing this F’n song”. It seems there were some mic issues, with either his mic or the mics for the other singers on stage.

He laughed, took a few minutes to let the techs (who I think are still living) fix it, and then he announced they were starting the song from the top. This was one of the toughest shows I have ever shot. The backdrops are pretty much black, and the show is almost entirely lit by spot lights and projectors. Still, the dramatic lighting makes for such a powerful show.

The show started with a bang, literally. These two guys came out for the opening:

and then the stage erupted in flash. As the show moved through some of the most classic songs in rock, with costumes, lighting, and a superb collection of musicians, Roger played his part:

I can’t say enough about the performers in this show. The singers and muscians are nothing short of the best.

Oh yeah, and the kids. Roger mentioned that the kids were all locals, and that he had not met them before dress rehearsal. Pretty amazing, and they did a great job.

They sounded great, and acted just as good as the teacher arrived:

The thing I can’t get past is the staging. Take a look at this, done mostly with projectors – and lots of them:

On the stage with a full cast of kids, or alone with a guitar, Roger Waters is fantastic:

Even when the projection on the wall was Roger himself (if you look close at the image below, you can see the separate bricks), this show was great. If you have not seen it, then watch for it. It is a must see concert.

If you saw the show, let us know how you liked it below….



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