I can’t believe I have not done today’s app before. Netflix is the standard for streaming movies, and with apps available for Android, Windows Phone and iOS, it is a must have for any Netflix user. Netflix has recently made some controversial changes to it’s price structure, but if you still have streaming get this app now.

Netflix is available on so many devices, I was constantly surprise by the list – available here. Game consoles, phones, HDTVs, Blu-ray Players, Home theater systems. I expected my car by the time I was done going through them.

With the Netflix apps you can watch as often as you want, resume watching where you left off on another device, browse movies and manage your queue.

Netflix for iOS is available in the App Store and has 3.5 stars from 113,752 ratings. Netflix for Android is available in the Android Market where it has a 4.3 stars from 75,600 ratings.

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