Today I have an iOS app from famed game developer id Software. Rage HD is a rails based first person shooter (FPS) that is set in the world of TV Game Shows. This is not primetime TV. Mutant Bash TV is a show where the contestant, that’s you, kills mutants. The problem is they are also trying to kill you. The game is really a teaser for the upcoming console and PC game arriving later this year. I am not normally a rails-shooter fan, but this is a nice interpretation of the genre. If you have never played a rails shooter, imagine you are at an amusement park on one of those rides where the car takes you through and turns you around while you shoot the targets. The old arcade game Time Crisis is also a great example.

In Rage HD most of your movement is scripted, but you can dodge incoming attacks, turn left or right and sprint. The controls are well done, but it is much nicer, and easier, to play on the iPad than the iPhone.

Normally priced at $1.99, id Software lowered the price to FREE for one week due to a Facebook promotion. So grab it now! Rage HD is available in the iTunes App Store and has 4 Stars overall from 3942 ratings.



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