Today’s pick is a game called Cut The Rope from ZeptoLab. In Cut The Rope, your goal is to feed the monster Om Nom. He likes Candy, but you also collect stars at each stage, and break bubbles along the way. Sounds easy, but there are obstacles and enemies that make a simple feeding more difficult. The best way to describe the game is to say it’s award winning:

Best Handheld Game — BAFTA Awards 2011
Most Innovative Game— Pocket Gamer Awards 2011
Best Casual/Puzzle Game — Pocket Gamer Awards 2011
Best Handheld Game — Game Developers Choice Awards 2011
Best Puzzle Game — Best App Ever Awards 2010

The thing that caught my attention about this game were the ratings. Available for Android or iOS, the ratings are nothing short of amazing. In the iTunes App Store the rating is 5 stars. What makes that more impressive is the fact that the 5 star rating is based on 176,740 ratings! Seriously? When was the last time you heard of 176 thousand people agreeing on anything? In the Android Market it has 4.6 stars from 7,681 ratings. Cut The Rope is $.99 for iOS, or on Android it’s $1.01. There is a free Cut The Rope Lite for iOS in the iTunes App Store if you want to try it out first.



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