There are tons of weather apps out there, and Apple even includes a weak one with the iPhone. I do use the Apple app when I need a quick weather summary, but it’s not enough data when I really need a weather report. For the more serious weather info you can try WeatherBug, but it’s too much info sometimes. The problem with both these apps, and most of the others available, is that they follow the standard today/tonight weather model. Most of the time that’s fine, but as I’ll explain, not always.

This week I have an iPhone app I picked up to help me on vacation this summer. Shine, from AppThat, is a basic weather app that displays just the info you need – current conditions, temperature, chance of rain, and wind speed. It has one of the best looking user interfaces I have ever used too. It includes current location via GPS , saved locations, a 7-day forecast (or at least it’s supposed to – more on that in a minute) and my favorite feature, a 72-hour forcast in 3-hour increments. This summer I will be taking a vacation and trying to plan hikes, snorkel trips and other activities. It doesn’t help me to know it may rain that day. What I need to know is will it be raining around 2pm. This is also great for the coach that needs to decide if he will have practice at a certain time, or for the bride trying to make plans for her outdoor wedding the next weekend.

The app does have some issues. It says it has a 7 day forecast but, for some reason, on Sunday it only showed Sunday to Friday. And while the UI is great to look at, it can be confusing. If you look at the image above, the area where it says “< Riverside, CA >” is used to change location by swiping left or right. When viewing a location you scroll up or down for the 72-hour forecast. Those were easy to find, but it took a bit to figure out that swiping left and right on the Today/Tonight area displayed the rest of the 7-day forecast.

The developer does have plans announced for some new features. Listed as coming soon are:

Every hour forecasts
Severe weather warnings
International Support (For now the forecasts are US only)

I like the attitude on the AppThat website.

“Apps for life. When existing apps fall short, we step in to make things right. AppThat gets it. We’re meticulous, self-conscious worrywarts. That’s because we answer to you. Born in May 2011, AppThat is young. Stay tuned. The best is yet to come.”

Shine has 4.5 stars from 335 ratings and is only $0.99.



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