Today I have an iPhone / iPad photography app called TiltShift Generator from Art and Mobile. If you have never heard of Tilt-Shift photography, it refers to using a type of lens that allows itself to be tilted or shifted. This tilt, or shift, changes how the lens aligns to the camera sensor. Why? Perspective control. Have you ever photographed a tall building? The buildings seem to bend, but with a tilt-shift lens a photographer can correct that effect – required for an architecture magazine. But there is another use for this type of lens… Fake Miniatures. A quick flickr search shows lots of examples.

By allowing you to control saturation, and selective focus, this app lets you simulate a tilt-shift miniature effect. The photo above is an example (but not a very good one) of the TiltShift Gen app used on a photo taken from the balcony of Disneyland’s private Club 33. Here is the original:

This app works best if you are above the subject and fairly far away, but it is a blast to play with. One of the great things about this app is that it was originally a free web service, or Adobe Air app. Those versions are still available on the developer’s site.

TiltShift Gen is available in the App Store, and at .99 cents it is a must have. It has a 4 star rating from 1519 ratings. Try it and let me know how you like it below.



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