Today I have another app available for both iOS and Android. HBO GO is the new streaming service from HBO®. Yep, HBO in your pocket! It allows you to watch HBO original programming, movies, sports, & comedy etc. from your mobile device.

When I first downloaded the app I was not expecting the performance I got. Over 3G the movies are very watchable. It was definitely a 3G connection, but very usable. This is exactly what I think television providers are worried about. If I can subscribe directly to HBO, why pay the cable company? Right now you do need a participating television provider, but what would happen if HBO added in-app subscriptions? Then, if I could get my phone to display on the TV I’d be set. On the iPhone I did try using Apple’s AirPlay to stream the app to my AppleTV 2, but the app only supported audio over AirPlay. Hopefully they will add AirPlay video support at some point.

As I mentioned above, HBO GO requires that you have an HBO subscription through one of the “participating television providers”. When you first launch it you choose your provider and enter your account info. That was interesting. I was surprised to so many negative reviews in the iTunes App Store saying that Time Warner was not supported. Time Warner owns HBO! Still, giving a bad rating to a FREE app because your provider does not participate seems odd.

HBO GO is free. It’s available for Android in the Android Market where it has 3.5 stars from 2355 ratings. It’s available for iPhone & iPad in the App Store where it has 3.5 stars from 3708 ratings. It was really nice to use on the iPad.

Let me know your experience below, and check out my other App’s of the Week by search with the keyword Razz.



May 15, 2011 at 6:53 am | KCAL Crew, Lifestyle, Technology | 2 comments