Today it’s back to my photography hobby for a great iPhone, or Android app. Pro HDR from eyeApps is by far the best HDR smart phone app yet. If you’re not familiar with HDR, it stands for High Dynamic Range (Wikipedia). In english that means the photo will properly expose the bright and dark areas of your image. With HDR you take multiple shots, with different exposures, and combine them to create a photo that includes everything. Have you ever taken a photo indoors where the inside stuff looks OK, but the windows are pure white?  That’s where HDR comes in. Shoot one photo with the windows properly exposed – but the inside of the room is almost black, and a second shot of the room with the windows blown out. Combine the two shots and you end up with one great shot.

The iPhone has HDR built-in now, but nothing like Pro HDR. You can use the Auto mode to have the app decide on the bright and dark areas, or you can choose manual for more control. You can even choose multiple shots already in your library. The hardest part of HDR is alignment. If the camera moves a little between shots then combining the shots becomes much more difficult because first, the shots have be aligned. This app is amazingly clean at the assembly.

At $1.99, Pro HDR is well worth the money, if you use your phone’s camera app. It is available in the iTunes App Store and has 4 stars for all versions from 1285 ratings. The current version is 4.5 from 253 ratings. In the Android Market, Pro HDR has 3.2 from 241 ratings. I have not tried the Android version, but if it’s anything like the iPhone it should be great. Highly recommended.



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