Text Adventure games rock! This week’s app is Frotz, a Z-Machine interpreter for iOS that allows you to play all of those old 80′s text based games like the Zork Trilogy, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Trinity. My favorite has always been the Scott Adams games like The Count – shown in the screenshot above. The developers description text puts it great:

“*Warning* Playing Frotz involves reading, thinking, and typing. If you just want to blow stuff up, this is not the app for you.”

“Burned out on all the new-fangled graphics and dazzling eye candy on your shiny new iPhone or iPad? Nostalgic for a simpler time? Then take advantage of those crisp high-resolution fonts…”

If you have never played a text adventure before, you need to try one. You can even play them together with a friend. My sister and I sat and played Scott Adam’s “The Count” for hours. We even mapped the world out on paper to help navigate the castle. It’s hard to describe just how addicting these games are. It’s like taking the famous Myst games and removing the graphics… you’re left with puzzle solving, thinking, and theater of the mind.

Frotz is available for all iOS devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad) in the App Store. It’s free and  has a 3 stars from 6361 ratings, but the current version is 4.5 stars. Android users can try Twisty – available in the Android Market. It’s rated 3.5 stars from 711 ratings. I have not tried it but would love your comments below.



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