I usually do iPhone apps, or apps that exist on both the iPhone and Android, but this week it’s an Android only app. I have not used it, since I’m an iPhone user, but I really hope some of the KCAL crew might try it and comment how they like it. This one sounds too cool.

Most people silent their phones for special events. You’re in a movie theater, at a concert, watching a play, you get the point. But then you are out of touch, even in an emergency. You head to a nice special event, a wedding let’s say, and you mute your phone. But then, your kids, or babysitter can’t easily reach you in an emergency. What we really need is a “Silent for everyone but…” switch. Well, today’s app does just that.

SemiSilent is so simple, and yet genius. When you open SemiSilent it shows you all of your contacts. You select the ones you want to allow to ring the phone and then set the phone to silent. If one of those ‘special few’ calls you, the ringer will be turned on, but not for anyone else. That is handy and I really wish something like this existed on the iPhone.

SemiSilent is available for free in the Android Market and is rated 4.5 stars from 22 votes. It was updated February 14th, 2011 and as of this post is at version 1.05. It requires Android 2.0 or higher.



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