Well, the ball done dropped on another new year, and it’s high time I git to predictin’ the best of motorsports in 2012.  Here’s my list of stuff I’d love to see this year in the world of racin’…

– Danica Patrick, and lot’s of her, preferably in Victory Lane – Seems like a pretty obvious thing to want since I’m constantly includin’ half-nekkid pictures of her on here, but I also reckon it would be a good thing for the Good Ol’ Boys of NASCAR to finish behind a lady for once.

- The lovely ladies of the NHRA – With the likes of Erica Enders, Melanie Troxel, Hillary Will, the Harker Sisters, and the Hottie Trifecta of the Force Sisters, 2012 better bring a whole lotta sexy to the NHRA podiums.

- Pippa, Simona, and Friends – Can’t put this list to bed without tossin’ in a little love for the ladies in the open wheels.  If yer not a fan of the IZOD Indycar Series and F1 yet, yer not just missing out on some rip rourin’ racin’.  Yer also missin’ out on some great scenery in the former Land o’ Danica.

I bet yer brain is still swimmin’ in moonshine from yer New Year’s shindig, but ya might be noticin’ a theme here.  I like good racin’ and all, and I’m sure we’ll see plenty of it this year, but ya can’t complain when the one takin’ the checkers also happens to be a hottie.  So raise yer beer to a 2012 celebratin’ a Battle of the Sexes with the women coming out on top, and then click HERE, HERE, and if yer old school, maybe HERE.  The proof is in the pics.



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