Y’all can officially stick a fork in the 2011 NASCAR season, but it didn’t end without a good ol’ fashion peddle mashin’ duel to the checkers at Miami/Homestead Speedway.

Take one part championship trophy, one part The Carl, add some Smoke, sprinkle in a little weather, and you’ve got a recipe for the closest race for the title in NASCAR history.

Tony Stewart swaggered into the last race of 2011 just 3 points behind Carl Edwards, which is already amazin’ since Smoke had ta squeak into The Chase in the first place.  But once the fox got in the hen house, it became a totally different story.  Between trash talkin’ and workin’ his way through Whoppers and a twelver of Schlitz, Tony stormed to the front to win 4 of the last 10, including the clincher.

The Carl managed to lead the most laps and finish runner up to Smoke in the finale, but that was only enough to knot the overall points in a tie, which Stewart won in the tie breaker by having more wins.  So ya lead the points all season, lead the most laps, finish 2nd, and you still end up First Loser for the Sprint Cup.  It’s a wonder Edwards didn’t just floor it into the wall in turn 1 and end his misery.  I’ll throw the guy a bone though.  He was by far the classiest pro athlete in history when it comes to losin’ with grace.  Meanwhile, Stewart fans were busy committin’ alcohol-fueled crimes with firearms.

Whether yer a fan of Carl or Smoke, y’all gotta agree that there’s a few things about 2011 we can ALL be a bit giddy about.  Numero uno, our ol’ buddy 5-Time caved under the pressure and was gloriously dethroned.  Thanks for the memories Jimmie, and the millions of beers it took to erase them from my head.  Second, we will be enjoying a Busch-Free Banquet this year, since Kurt & Kyle wound up 11th and 12th are will not be invited to join the Top 10 for the big ho-down in Vegas.  I bet Carl can see the silver lining on that cloud, even if it was the one that rained on Homestead halfway through the race and screwed him outta achievin’ his life long dream.

Keep yer head up, Carl.  There’s always next year.  Unless yer Mark Martin and yer destined to always finish 2nd.



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