The next time yer little ‘uns are whinin’ about wearin’ a seat belt, take ‘em to a NASCAR race at Watkins Glen fer a learnin’ experience they’ll never forget.  After seein’ these pictures and videos from this past weekend, it wouldn’t surprise me none to see grown me strappin’ into those fancy ‘lectric cars with a 7 point harness and a helmet.

Let’s git started with Denny Hamlin, who managed ta turn the #11 Fed Ex Toyota into that heap of scrap metal you see in the pic up top.  When yer rocketing down a straightaway at 160 MPH, the last thing you wanna learn is that ya got no brakes, cuz when ya do, this happens:

Stay tuned folks, cuz there’s MORE!  Later in the race, we learned what happens when grown men git a lil’ impatient with each other and decide ta play bumper cars.  David Ragan and David Reutimann found out the hard way that the guardrails ain’t so soft at The Glen, ‘specially when ya hit ‘em at some cockamamie angle:

It’s amazin’ that all these fellas walked away from these wrecks, and that says a lot ’bout how safe these cars are nowadays.  We can thank Dale Sr. fer that, but I guess we should also give some credit to THIS MOVIE.



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