It sure is amazin’ the kinda stuff that can happen in justa few weeks.  While I been rasslin’ with these new fangled computers so I could git back ta bloggin’, the racin’ world done went and got itself in a tizzy!  No biggie though, cuz the world was busy comin’ to an end, right?  Guess not, cuz we’re still here, and I gotta lot of catchin’ up ta do.

Where do I git started?  Howzabout the KyBusch and Kevin fisticuffs at Darlington that ended in a ride with no wheelman wreckin’ in the pits?  Or maybe our Daytona 500 winner with a mystery plague?  I guess I could start with Carl winnin’ a cool million at the All Star Race and then wreckin on the Victory Lap, but then I’d hafta wait ta tell ya about some Formula 1 feller named Kimi comin’ ta take over NASCAR.

And speakin’ of Indy types, Dandy Danica now says she’s goin’ NASCAR full time in 2012 (which is jus’ fine with me cuz she makes fer a pretty picture), and another pretty little lady by the name of Simona de Silvestro was lightin’ her mits on fire.  Oh, and there’s this lil’ race they do there every year called the Indianapolis 500, but now I guess a wad o’ cash will git ya in just as good as qualifyin’ will.

Along with all that hullabaloo, NASCAR invited 5 more good ol’ boys ta join the Hall of Fame, with Lee Petty, Bobby Allison, David Pearson, Ned Jarrett, and Bud Moore gettin’ the nod of approval.  There was jokes and tears and ol’ war stories, but I couldn’t help thinkin’ it was kinda ironic that Lee Petty made it in AFTER his kid, but when yer kid is The King, I guess ya just kinda take a back seat.

So while all that fun was goin’ down, Hornaday got caught cheatin’ in the truck race, NASCAR was quakin’ in their boots again cuz attendance at races is droppin’ like flies, and we were all prayin’ with Jamie McMurray as a massive twister devastated his home town of Joplin, Missouri (show ‘em so love and support HERE).

Think that about covers it all fer now.  That’ll teach me ta spend a week in a drunken stupor screamin’ at broken computer parts.  But wait…  Whatindaheck is THIS?  Kyle Busch jus’ got nabbed by a smokey goin’ 128 in a 45!  Looks like this week’s gonna be more fun than the last!



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