Gotta love it when the boys head out ta Virginia fer some good ol’ fashioned short track racin’ under the lights.  Fer some odd reason races at Richmond have a real Southern feel to ‘em, even though Virginia sits at America’s belt loops.  Maybe it’s cuz everybody ’round these parts gets real excited about showin’ ya pictures of their huntin’ dogs and says everythin’ with a super thick drawl.  Just listen to this from Ward Burton if ya don’t believe me.  No matter though, NASCAR is right at home in Richmond and they proved it once again with some mad fast fisticuffs on the track.

Hometown hero Denny Hamlin looked to git his season off the skids with a strong showin’, and he started it right with a win on Friday night in his Nationwide ride.  He didn’t quite have the horses on Saturday night as he finished runner-up to teammate Kyle Busch in the main event, but at least he’s got his horse pointed in the right direction now.  Apparently KyBusch does too, and he’s got his paws on a spot in The Chase fer sure now, and he ain’t gonna let it go.

Followin’ up Rowdy and the #11 were Kasey Kahne, David Ragen, and Cousin Carl who still looks to be a threat to win it all this year.  And where was the defendin’ chump JJ?  He spent the whole evenin’ chasin’ his tail around 20th place until he pulled another horseshoe out of his keester and finished 8th.  Gawd, I hate that guy.  Can’t say the same fer his ol’ buddy Jeff Gordon who finished 39th after a spin that ended up in an unpleasant meetin’ with rebar reinforced concrete.  (That’s a wall, fer us unsophisticated types).

Perhaps the most fun was watchin’ Montoya git hotter than a lizard on a hot rock eatin’ jalapenos when Newman gave him a little love tap on lap 107.  Now these two fellas have been in each others hair since Homestead in ’06, so it was no surprise when Juan Pablo decided to pay Ryan another visit on lap 237.  The night ended with Montoya runnin’ fer the hills and Newman tattlin’ to the higher-ups in the NASCAR hauler.  Both lost spots in the standin’s, and JPM took himself right out of the Top 10.  Boys, have at it, I say.

The warm Virginia evenin’ ended with Edwards still in the top spot in the points with Jimmie tuggin’ on his boot straps just 9 points behind.  Rowdy Busch pulled himself up to 3rd and fan favorite Dale Jr sits in 4th.  Last year’s first loser Denny Hamlin had a strong finish, but he’s still wallowin’ in the muck at 17th with a tough row to hoe before he can think about The Chase again.

Comin’ around the bend this weekend is one of Lefty’s favorites.  You can call her the the Lady In Black or the Track Too Tough to Tame, but either way, yer gonna see a whole lotta Darlington Stripes after the Showtime Southern 500 at Darlington International.  It’s NASCAR’s first superspeedway, and you can follow her all the way back to 1949 when someone was obviously a bit tipsy from the moonshine and couldn’t figure out how to make a proper oval.  It makes fer some great racin’ though, so don’t miss it on FOX.

One more thang real quick… Y’all know that all kinds of awesome went down this past Sunday as our beloved and badass United States Navy SEALS handed out some swift justice to the face of terrorism, but let’s not forget that our friends and family right here in Alabama and the rest of the South are still facin’ a mountain of misery as they dig out from the worst twisters they’ve ever seen.  Like our Real American Heroes in the military, there are heroes here in the Red Cross that also need our support.  If ya got a few pennies to spare, stop by, or text REDCROSS to 90999.  Thank you kindly, and GOD BLESS AMERICA.  USA!  USA!  USA!



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