As y’all know by now, 96-7 KCAL Rocks is all about helpin’ a fella in need, but this one hits especially close to Ol’ Lefty’s heart, so I’m askin’ for a favor from my fellow NASCAR fans.  If ya don’t know it yet, Alabama and much of the South took a serious whoopin’ from Ma Nature in the form of some wicked twisters this week.  Most of Tuscaloosa looks like the picture above, and our buddies at the Red Cross are ready to git ‘er done, but they need the cash.

That’s where we come in.  You can wander on over to and toss in a few bucks, or if ya know a fellow gear head down that direction, send ‘em over to ‘Dega for an awesome opportunity.

Along witha hefty donation of $100,000 already, Talladega Superspeedway is lettin’ people take their own wheels out on the track for a few hot laps at just $50 a pop.  Here’s all the info and such.  So tell yer kin down South to tune up that Hemi and git ready to haul some tail on the biggest track in NASCAR.  It will git yer heart pumpin, and send some much needed relief to our brothers and sisters in need.  Ya may not always be screamin’ for the same guy on Sunday, but race fans are family, and they’d do the same fer us.

Thanks fer listenin’ and keepin’ ‘em in your thoughts.



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