I hear enough ’bout Jimmie Johnson every Sunday on FOX from DeeDubya, but if y’all feel like an extra dose of JJ on the ol’ squawk box, tune in to FOX Wednesday night at 9:30PM ET or whenever that schedule thingy on yer cable box says “Breaking In” is startin’.  Jimmie With An “I-E” is tryin’ his hand at actin’, and if his previous commercial advertisements tell ya anythin’, it ain’t gonna end good.  But, accordin’ to this here article, the fancy pants star actor Christian Slater gave Mr. 5 Time “rave reviews”.  As far as I’m concerned that’s just proof that he was terrible, but that’s just cuz I think Slater is a wussy fer runnin’ away and cryin’ in that Robin Hood movie with Kevin “My Only Good Movies Are About Baseball” Costner.  Which I only watched cuz I was courtin’ a young lady and bein’ all romantic and such.  If I was in that movie I woulda popped Robin Hood in the FACE!  But I digress…

Now just in case ya think Lefty ain’t bein’ fair on Little Jimmie, you should know that I ain’t EVER fair to Little Jimmie.  Why?  Cuz I hate him, that’s why.  I hate him cuz of this, this, this, this, and especially this, but it probly has the most to do with the fact the Missus gits all hot ‘n bothered every time he’s on the darn television.  Damn you and your super-hero-underwear-model-best-driver-ever perfection, Jimmie.  Give us normal folk a chance!



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