The Kobalt Tools 400 is history.  It ended with a back flip in the front stretch and left a few of the fellers wishin’ they had stayed outta Sin City. It was a rough day if yer name starts with K, no repeatin’ for the Rainbow Warriors, and victory went up in SMOKE for the 14.  Now that don’t mean there weren’t no rays of sunshine on Sunday, so let’s git to it.

Lady Luck was kind enough to shine on one lovely lil’ lass, and I sure do appreciate any excuse to take a gander at this pic again…

The Princess of Indy is finally lookin’ like the Queen of NASCAR.  Danica Patrick finished 4th in the Nationwide race on Saturday, which ain’t only her best finish in a stock car, but the best ANY woman has finished in the history of the 3 major NASCAR circuits.  Looks like people are finally listnin’ to Lefty about lettin’ the ladies into the party.  Congrats Danica!  Yer here fer more than just fillin’ Little E’s wallet.

The boys weren’t so lucky on Sunday, specially if yer name kicks off with a K.  Kenseth blew out a tire, Kurt & Kasey pulled off the synchronized dosey-doe, and Kyle lit up his engine like a fire cracker.  “It’s blowed guys!  There’s flames in my FACE!” Classic.

Vegas wasn’t so lucky for the Rainbow Warriors either.  Instead of repeatin’ last week’s winnin’ ways, Jeff Gordon ran his ride into the fence.  His garage mates at Hendrick didn’t exactly wow the pants off the grandstands either.  Dale Jr. finished highest at 8th with Double J crossin’ the stripe at 16th and Ol’ Man Martin in 18th.  It ain’t all bad though.  Martin took the checkers on Saturday, and these three amigos are holdin’ down 10th, 11th, and 12th in the standin’s.  Looks like JG is bein’ left out on the porch again.

Fer most of the day it looked like the dog leadin’ this pack would be Tony Stewart, and it was.  Smoke was fixin’ to whoop some tail until his tire changer lost control of his hose.  After payin’ the fine of a pass thru and overcomin’ that SNAFU, his man on the box blew it again with a call that armchair crew chiefs everywhere would call “dumber ‘n a box a rocks”.  Darian Grubb called for a fresh set of slicks on the 14 while Bob Osborne went with the right sides only on the 99.  Too much time at the curb fer Tony let Cousin Carl take the lead off of pit road, and it ended with Edwards back flippin’ at the finish.  If ya find yerself anywhere near Smoke this week, ya might wanna let sleepin’ dogs lie.

So where does that leave Lefty the Prognosticator?  I called Kyle a winner, and I guess he still wins ‘Best Soundbite’ for the “Flames In My Face” performance.  Otherwise, not so much.  On the flip side of that coin, I did say that Carl would be lookin’ good and lookin’ for vengeance, so I’ll give myself half a point fer that.  I also told ya not to bet the farm on Happy Harvick or Jimmie with an “ie”, and I nailed that one right on the noggin’.  That should be worth another half point, i’m thinkin’.

Not sure whatinthehell these points are good fer, but I’m happy to leave Sin City with 1 point fer bein’ a good guesser.  That makes 1 fer the season so far.  Lucky fer me, NASCAR’s takin’ a week off before they git er done at Bristol, so I can do some extra researchin’ in between moonshinin’ and fartin’ around.  That should make fer a pretty nifty race preview, so stay tuned to this here internet thang.

Oh wait… NASCAR’s comin’ to Lefty’s neck of the woods this month, so ya might want to stop by HERE and git yerself some tickets from 96-7 KCAL Rocks.  Or you can leave yer two cents in the comment section down below there and maybe I’ll give ya a pair of mine and letcha share my scanner from the seat next to me.



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