NASCAR is takin’ the one ring circus to Sin City and it’s gonna be one helluva hootinanny!  Wicked fast racin’, lots of passin’, and plenty of agression.  I’ve got yer keys to victory lane, but the boys are gonna have to gamble a bit to get it.

Fer starters, Las Vegas Motor Speedway‘s got a reputation fer bein’ a bit loose and fast.  She’s got a nice set of curves on her, and she ain’t to big, ain’t too small.  At a mile anda half, she’s jus’ right.  The weather fella is callin’ fer a sunny 68 degrees, too.  Toss in the fresh asphalt and progressive bankin‘, and you’ve got Momma’s recipe for great racin’!

If we’ve learnt one thang so far this year, it’s that these guys are sittin’ on the edge of their seats and drivin’ the wheels off.  The fabricators have been busy, that’s fer sure.  Maybe it’s the new scorin’ that’s got ‘em all worked up.  Or maybe it’s just a case of Hatfields and McCoys and they’re all hellbent on whoopin’ each other.  Whatever it is, we’re gonna see aggressive drivin’ and lot’s of passin’ in the corners.  Gonna have to learn how to share the backstretch though, cuz the fastest way home is single file.

So, what’s the ol’ Ace In the Hole for Las Vegas?  You gotta gamble on yer setup and make yer ride work EVERYWHERE.  On the apron, scrapin’ the wall, and everywhere in between.  The guy who can pass anywhere on the road can rocket from 10th to 1st in just a few laps and steal this one at the end.

Who’s it gonna be?  I’m 0 fer 2 so far, but I got a tingly feelin’ about this one.  Kyle Busch is a Vegas native who’s led this event the last 5 times he’s come to town, and he’s comin’ off Top 5′s in the first two go ’rounds of 2011.  Edwards still looks good despite leavin’ his paint job on the wall at Phoenix, and I’m sure he’s a bit ticked and lookin’ for vengeance.

Who should know when to fold ‘em?  Happy Harvick has come outta the gate like an old nag, and he can’t keep his car runnin’ long enough git to the corner market.  Maybe this weekend he turns it around, but I’m not holdin’ my breath.  I might git run outta Dodge fer this next one, but I wouldn’t put a penny down on the champ either.  Sure, he won the belt last year, but he’s a different Jimmie this year, and I just don’t think he’s got it in him.

There’s yer cheat sheet fer Vegas 2011.  Use it wisely.  Them pit bosses don’t take to kindly to folks with inside information, but as I always say, “If ya ain’t cheatin’, ya ain’t competin’!”



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