The wreckers were busy in Phoenix on Sunday, but when the ruckus ended and the smoke cleared, ‘Big Daddy’ Jeff Gordon had put away the field and put a 66 race skid to bed.  What other fellas made it out of the desert with their hides intact?  All the guys I didn’t pick, but we’ll git back to that later.

We gotta start the party talkin’ about our ol’ friend Rowdy Busch, who had his fans buyin’ up all the brooms in town after spankin’ the competition in the truck race on Friday and DOMINATIN’ the Nationwide event on Saturday.  And by dominatin’, I mean leadin’ every single last lap.  He was fast ’nuff to turn around and kick himself in his own butt.  His luck didn’t hold out ferever though.  Sunday saw Kyle rasslin’ a squirly car and shovin’ the 99 into the lawn.  He managed to drive away with 2nd place, but he’ll be apologizin’ to Carl for quite awhile after this one.  The bright side for Edwards?  His pit crew showed they could start a 2nd career doin’ the quickest nose jobs in town.

Kyle wasn’t the only driver gettin’ a little sideways on Sunday.  At one point Old Man Martin looked like an Arizona Sidewinder, and more than one guy ended up swimmin’ in circles like a one legged duck.  The grand pappy of them all went down on lap 67 when Kenseth door-slapped Vickers and set off a 13 car royal rumble on the backstretch.

From then on it was the Jeff Gordon Show.  He pretty much made the rest of the guys look like Grandma runnin’ backward.  He led the most laps of the day, and finished first to snap a 66 race losin’ streak.  He was so tickled by winnin’ that he blew his engine durin’ the celebratin’ and left the carcass of the number 24 on the lawn for the buzzards.

I guess all that’s left now is fer Lefty to pay the piper.  My prognosticatin‘ was a bit off, but only by a frog’s hair.  I still say Carl woulda won the race if Rowdy hadn’t helped him find the curb.  I did say Jimmie would be tough, and he finished 3rd.  As for Denny, he eeked out 11th in the number 11.  Beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.  Logano got caught up in the fisticuffs on lap 67, so he wasn’t a dog in this fight like he shoulda been.

The one place Ol’ Lefty’s vision was a bit blurry?  Kasey Kahne.  Phoenix normally treats him like a pissed off ex-girlfriend, but on this Sunday he exercised the demons and escaped his worst track with a Top 10 finish.  Red Bull really does give him wings.

And finally, here’s one fer the ‘whatthehell?’ category.  After two go ’rounds, ‘The Dinger’ is 4th in the points.  Yep, THAT Allmendinger.  Now yer diggin’ where there’s taters, A.J.!

Be back later this week to share some Sin City secrets with ya as NASCAR heads fer the bright lights of Las Vegas.



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