Why in tarnation would a guy named ‘Lefty’ be reportin’ on the straightest racin’ in motorsports?  Cuz the NHRA Winternationals are lightin’ up Pomona this weekend, and this reporter has discovered somethin’ about drag racin’ that NASCAR just can’t compete with.

We already know that these 9,000 horsepower monsters go WAY faster than a stock car, but they ain’t turnin’ the wheel and they got parachute doohickies to help ‘em stop, so that ain’t it.

If ya been within’ hollerin’ distance of a drag race, ya also know that two of these Top Fuel dragons rippin’ down the track are louder (130 db, if yer a sciency-type) than 43 stock cars combined.  It’s like a gaggle of cats caught in a vacuum cleaner strapped to a jet engine.  That bein’ said, there’s more to racin’ than just bein’ noisy, so that ain’t it either.

What is it that the NHRA does better?  Answer’s pretty simple.  HOT CHICKS IN FIRE SUITS.  Sure, NASCAR’s got ‘Miss Go Daddy’ herself, Danica Patrick, but otherwise it’s pretty slim pickin’s when it comes to hotties in the pits.  Now let’s take a gander at what the NHRA brings to the BBQ:

Melanie Troxel – Pilot of the In’N'Out Nitro Funny Car

Erica Enders – Pilot of the ZaZa Energy Pro Stock

Angie Smith – Pilot of the Safety Sentry Inc Pro Stock Motorcycle

And then there be the Force girls…

Ashley, Brittany, and Courtney Force.  WOOOOOOOWEEEEEEE!  And their daddy just happens to be 15X Funny Car Champ THE John Force.

Sorry NASCAR, but I think ya took a whoopin’ in this one.  Time to lick yer wounds and give the ladies some encouragement to climb behind the wheel.  In the interst of bein’ fair an’ all, here’s another peek at Danica…



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