After the whirlwind week down South in Daytona, the boys are headin’ to the Wild Wild West for a duel in the desert.  Yeehaw!  I been prognosticatin’ again, and I got yer preview of what to expect from NASCAR’s race #2 at Phoenix.

Last week the boys were droppin’ the hammer on the 31 degree banks of Daytona.  Well, the 500 is in the rear view, and it’s time to tackle Phoenix International Raceway.  PIR is flatter ‘n a possum on the interstate and just as short.  At a hair over 1 mile, it’s one of the shorter stops on the circuit.  It’s also a tricky tri-oval with three nasty corners and a pit road so skinny if ya painted the last half red it would look like a thermometer.  And the real kicker?  It ain’t even in Phoenix.  The track calls Avondale, Arizona home, but ain’t nobody ever heard of Avondale, so, Phoenix it is.  You can practically spit on Phoenix from there anyway, so it ain’t hurtin’ nobody.

What can we expect to see on Sunday?  Lots of side-by-side racin‘ and door donuts.  Passin’ is tricky, so tempers will be flarin’.  The weather is drier ‘n lizard spit on a hot rock too, so we’ll see some overheatin’ under the hood as well if they ain’t careful.  Well, unless one of these shows up and decides to rain on the parade.

And remember that pit road I was talkin’ about?  It’s gonna be busy.  As Daddy used to say, ‘If it’s got ta-tas or tires, yer gonna have trouble with it eventually’.  So, yer gonna see 43 guys drivin’ like roaches runnin’ from Raid and there ain’t enough room for all of ‘em.  I GARE-ON-TEE at least on car will end up outta whack after a wreck in the pits.

By now I’m sure yer thinkin’ ‘enough with the blabberin’, Lefty.  Jus’ tell us who’s gonna win!’  Here’s what the magic 8-ball is tellin’ me.  It’s a good bet that Edwards in the 99 will be backflippin’ when this one is done.  He won it last year and he’s had 6 top 15′s at PIR.  Hamlin likes the desert too, and he’s my dawg in this fight, but don’t count out JJ.  He’s got top 5′s in his last 9 skidaddles around Phoenix.

Those are yer studs, now on to the duds.  If yer a Kasey Kahne fan, you might not wanna watch.  This track has a history of makin’ him look like somethin’ the dog hides under the porch.  He hates flat track racin’, and he’s been here 8 times without a top 10 finish.  Don’t even bother.

If ya got champagne taste, but a beer pocketbook, yer long shot that could pay off is Joey Logano.  He snuck up on the pack last year and stole a nice 3rd place finish.  Nothin’ to throw in the trophy case, but it ain’t bad for a whippersnapper at just 20 years old.

There’s yer preview of the first duel in the desert for 2011.  Toss back a brew or two on Sunday and enjoy some great racin’ at high noon on FOX.  Then come back next week so I can say ‘I told ya so’.



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