The day started out with this thing rollin’ ’round the track, and ended up with this rookie in victory lane.

Whooooooweee!  It’s the 500, Trevor Bayne Edition!  Turns out catchin’ this rookie was like chasin’ a greased hog on a frozen pond.  The rest of the boys were busy wreckin’, and the Daytona record book took a whoopin’ as well.

NASCAR kicked off this shindig with the stars of Transformers rollin’ out during the pace laps, but it didn’t seem to rub off on the real 48, 88, or 42 who all ended up in a crumpled mess before sundown.  Jimmie was just one of the seventeen fellas caught in The Big One on lap 29.  I told ya it was gonna happen.

The rest of the afternoon was the Two-Car-Tango with one guy pushin’ and one guy pullin’ in a new style of draftin’ for Daytona.  It made fer some excitin’ times and broke more records than a rabbit at a snail race.  The 500 fer 2011 had more yella flags (16), more leaders (22), more lead swappin’ (77), and the youngest winner in history at 20 years and a day.  Pretty nice way to celebrate yer birth.

Here’s the rub.  With the brand spankin’ new scorin’ system fer 2011, drivers can only earn points in one series.  Bein’ just a youngin’ and a rookie, Trevor Bayne picked the Nationwide Series.  The Daytona 500 is a Sprint Cup Race.  So he done earned himself a Goose Egg in the points and sits 39th in the standin’s.  No worries though.  He’s still scootin’ away with a big ass trophy and over 1.4 million smackers.  He ain’t just rich, he’s YANKEE rich.

After one weekend of tailgatin’ and carburetin’, here’s how the boys sit goin’ into Phoenix.  Cousin Carl is on top of the heap while defendin’ champ  Jimmie Johnson is wallowin’ in the muck at 25th, which don’t hurt my feelin’s none.

Fer the record, I guessed wrong on the FedEx Express winnin’, but I was just a tick on a dog’s butt short.  He was runnin’ in the top 5 with 2 laps to go when Tony Stewart (a.k.a. Smoke) turned the pack into an accordion and introduced Hamlin and a few friends to the safer barrier.

Well, the haulers are headed to Phoenix fer next Sunday.  Who’s gonna dominate the desert and who’ll end up snake bitten?  Y’all come back ’round in a few days and I’ll have yer sneak peek.  And remember, if you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t competin’!



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