I’m soooooo I.E!

Ok so I’ve lived here in the I.E. since Stu was in Jr. High soooo, I knowa lotta ’bout this place. Take this-my first I.E.I.Q. test to see if you can beat my almost freakish intellectual brilliance when it comes to the home-town. Oh yeah. My score was 100%. Get ‘em all right and report back to me on KCAL Rocks this Saturday. Just give me a ring and say,

“I’M sooooo I.E!!”

1.  What high school was once actually listed as an official  CITY?

2. Many of the actual pioneer founders of Rialto and Riverside are buried at the same centuries old, HAUNTED (so they say) cemetary. Cemetary? What cemetary?!

3.In the 70′s, Stu’s awesome late night radio show was named after a great Zeppelin song. WHAT was his show called?!

4.Before the Hilton Hotel was built, a San Bernardino motel hosted the biggest rock stars in history when they played at the now-gone Swing Auditorium. What motel at the 10 and 215 freeways hosted the Stones, Led Zeppelin, America, Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter, Rush and more?

5. What famous musician was arrested and jailed while passing thru San Bernardino and as a result, wrote a song about the town he hated?

6-What famous actor/singer lost his eye in an accident on the 10 fwy near Redlands?

7-That lame-o but huge song “Up Up and Away” by the 5th Dimension was actually written by:

a) Tiffany’s mom    b) A San Bernardino Valley College student-while in class    c) A former Redlands Police Chief

8-What I.E. prison was once known as: “The opulent playground of some of Hollywood’s biggest names” ??!

9-Where did Van Halen record the video for “Jump?”

10-Dr. Bailey at Loma Linda University Medical Center gave her the first baboon to human heart transplant. We came to know her as “Baby ______”


1. San Bernardino High School. “Cardinal City”

2. Agua Mansa Cemetery on Agua Mansa road just off of Main Street in Riverside.

3. “The BOOGIE WITH STU Affair”

4. Its the Budget Lodge now. It was a great Holiday Inn back in the day.

5. FRANK ZAPPA…He wrote “San Ber-dino”


7. b

8. Norco Prison

9. The site of the former Norton Air Force Base, currently San Bernardino Airport.

10. Baby Faye!



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