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The Italian lottery game spread to countries all over the world with the basic concept of a card with numbers arranged in to horizontal and vertical lines.テつ The pitchman calls out numbers and the first person to complete a line is the winner.テつ A New York toy salesman saw enormous potential for the game but thank goodness he didn’t stick with his game’s original name at the time.

In 1929 Edwin Lowe witnessed a variation of Lotto called Beano.テつ Players would placed dried beans on their card if a number was called out that they had.テつ Lowe began playing Beano at his home with friends.テつ It was during one session that a female participant won the game but was so excited that instead of calling out “Beano” she yelled “Bingo!”テつ Lowe took the name for the game and the name stuck.

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