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The perjury case against Barry Bonds began today in San Francisco.テつテつ To refresh your memory, Bonds was indicted on four counts of lying to a grand jury about his use of performance-enhancing drugs during the federal investigation of steroid use by athletes. He also faces one count of obstruction of justice.

What’s funny is the indictment came three months after Bonds broke Hank Aaron’s major league home run record in August 2007.テつ And it’s ironic that the trial is taking place less than two miles from the ballpark where it happened.

Bonds testified to the grand jury that he believed his trainer was giving him flax see oil.テつ That trainer has refused to testify against Bonds and has served a year in jail for that.テつ His ex-girlfriend will testify that not only did he tell her he was using steroids but that during the years of use his body changed and his temperament turned violent.

Body change?テつ What body change?テつ Ha!

The trial is supposed to last three to four weeks.



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