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With the amount of money the Farmer’s Insurance group is putting up, they had better see an NFL stadium be built and an NFL team lured to Los Angeles.

Farmer’s has agreed to partner with entertainment biggie AEG to build a new NFL stadium in downtown Los Angeles.テつ What’s in it for Farmer’s?テつ The new Stadium will be called “Farmer’s Field.”テつ The insurance group only had to commit to $650 million dollars for that right! That’s some big bucks.

The AEG and Farmer’s Insurance partnership is a good one.テつ AEG manages some of the best sports and entertainment venues in the world and Farmer’s Inurance has all those millions of dollars to spend.テつ So what is the next step in getting an NFL team to relocate to L.A.?

The downtown L.A. project must still receive federal government approval and lure an NFL team to the proposed stadium.テつ Getting the commitment to build a new stadium was the biggest hurdle and it looks like that is done.

What teams might be likely to move to L.A.?テつ Here are teams that have been in the mix for the last couple of years:テつ the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Buffalo Bills, the Minnesota Vikings, the St. Louis Rams, the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders.

Actually, do you really care which team comes to L.A.?テつ Not me.テつ I just want someone local to cheer for.テつ But if it is the Chargers, all the better!



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