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Let’s talk about partying at the Rose Parade.  It starts in the morning December 31st.  People are excited, happy, enjoying a cocktail and enjoying each other.  One of my schoolmates was conceived under the bleachers on New Year’s Eve in Pasadena during the festivities.  Her parents were really enjoying each other!  And it was their first time.  I always thought that was an awesome New Year’s story.

And we go on with the joy of the Rose Parade partiers.  They are really happy to be there, everyone’s in a great mood.  If you’ve been to one you know it’s a fantastic experience.  If you haven’t been here’s how your party goes this year:

Rose Parade Rules:  No Tents, Fires, Horns, Pets, Alcohol, Drugs, Fireworks, Throwing Things, Unsupervised Minors, Suspicious Packages or Unoccupied Chairs Allowed.

Whoa, those are some rules to rain on your parade.  I especially like the rule about no unoccupied chairs.  Okay dude, pee from your chair because you can’t leave!

I have gone to the Rose Parade before and broke a some of those rules as did thousands of others without warning or consequence.  I brought a horn.  Of course I did!  The rules were different a few years ago.

I am sure it’s a sign of our times.  Too bad about that but let’s switch it up…

The party for The Rose Parade this New Years Day could be at your house.  Go ahead; leave your chair for a minute while your kids run around unoccupied.  Let your dog inside.  And no one will stop you from opening that mysterious tamale package. Rip it up and bring in 2011 your way.  Plus I am sure that somewhere during the day your gal will be watching The Parade on TV.  See, now you have it all.

As for hangover cures, number one is don’t drink!  But since that’s not going to happen here’s a few that work.

You know what the number two cure is so help yourself. Drink a lot of water.  Drink it before, during and after you’ve had alcohol.

Notice how you crave some greasy egg dish after you drink?  A substance in eggs breaks down the toxin that causes hangovers.  Plus eggs give you energy and they taste pretty damn good!  Add the Tabasco as you wish.

Fruit juice is a good one, too.  A sugar in fruit juice helps your body to rid itself of the alcohol much quicker than if you did not drink juice.

Okay then, here’s to our New Year and how you got it started!



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