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So there was a shipwreck discovered in July between Finland and Sweden and on board – several bottles of the some of the world’s oldest champagne.テつ The 168 bottles were corked and in good shape.テつ Plus with the ocean being so cold experts deemed that the champagne inside the bottles would have kept well over the 200-plus years that the ship had been submerged.

But really, would you drink ANYTHING that was over 200 years old?テつ That just grosses me out.テつ

Today expert Richard Juhlin sampled the champagne in front of scores of journalists.

“Great! Wonderful!” he exclaimed. Then he paused.

“I think what strikes you the most is that it’s such an intense aroma,” he continued. “It’s so different from anything you’ve tasted before.”

Yeah, I’ll just bet it tastes different!テつ I am sorry.テつ I just can’t get my head aroundテつdrinking something that has been under the ocean for 200 years.

And guess how much the expert (Juhlin) expects the bottles to be sold for at auction?テつ $70,000 each.

That’s insane!テつ Good thing I am all about the 2-Buck Chuck!



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