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A couple in Michigan opened their frozen veggies and found a little surprise!テつ You can clearly see the frozen frog in the photo above.テつ

The husband said “I’m just glad it was at the top of the pack and not in the middle.”テつ Well, I agree!テつ What if you just dumped the whole bag in to a bowl and popped it in to the microwave?テつ That would have been a worse way to discover their little froggie.

I once found a fairly large rock in a frozen meal while I was eating it.テつ I sent the rock off to the company with a letter.テつ I got aテつwritten reply backテつthat saidテつテつ”sometimes that happens in the processing plant.”テつ What?テつ Really?テつ It was strange to me that they admitted it rather than just saying “sorry.”テつ They sent me coupons for 5 free meals.テつ I gave them away.テつ

So what have you found in your food?



October 21, 2010 at 10:50 am | National News, News | No comment