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From The Late Show With David Letterman:

Top Ten Reason To Watch The Baseball Playoffs

10.テつ Fox’s coverage now extends to the post game shower
9.テつテつ What are we gonna do, watch hockey?!
8.テつ One lucky viewer will win a free Tommy John surgery
7.テつ We just had the Philie Phanatic clipped, wormed and neutered
6.テつ Trips to the mound now include a fabulous Glee-style dance number
5.テつ Crack of the bat replaced by comical “boing” sound
4.テつ Do you really need an excuse to sit on the couch and drink beer?
3.テつ Mention my name and you can rebroadcast the game without express written consent of Major League Baseball
2.テつ It’s about time the Yankees got some attention from the national media
1.テつ If you’re watching this, you’ll watch anything



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