They’ve been talking about it for years, but now it looks like finally a movie on the life of Jimi Hendrix, called “All Is By My Side”, is in the works. A big topic of discussion whenever the idea came up,  who would be cast to play the guitar legend? Well, it looks like they went with Andre 3000 from the group OutKast. you know, the guys that had that huge hit “Hey Ya” about 10 years ago? Here he is:

Actually, I’m thinking he may be able to pull it off. He kinda looks like him, and it least he’s a musician. Anyway, they are starting to film in Ireland and the movie will focus on Jimi’s time in Europe in 1966 and 1967 when he was recording his debut album,  “Are You Experienced?”, and just about to explode on the rock and roll scene. Me? I can’t wait to see it! And now, just for fun, here’s Jimi playing Hey Joe:




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