Man, the NFL sure as hell knows how to keep people talking about it all year long, don’t they? The draft is just around the corner, and today they released the full schedule for the upcoming season. It all opens up on Wednesday, September 5th, with the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants taking on their division rival Dallas Cowboys. The first Sunday night game features Stuman’s Steelers heading to Denver to face the now Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos. Monday night? Opening weekend double header once again. Cincinnati taking on Baltimore at 4pm on Sunday, September 10th, and then they let loose the rivalry right out of the gate with the Raiders and the Chargers banging heads at 7:15pm! Damn, I’m ready to go now! Click here to find out who/when/where your team is playing this season and when you can go on vacation with the family and not miss whatever is your  most important game of the year!

PS. GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!




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