I was watching a spring training game on cable this weekend when I saw that logo above on one of the teams’ hats. I thought to myself, “Are they playing a college team or something?”. Nope, it is the new major league logo for what they are now calling the Miami Marlins (formerly the Florida Marlins). Seriously, look at this:

Now that is ugly enough to scare off both of their fans, but they’ve also got a new stadium. Wait’ll you see the new feature that comes to life when a Marlin hits a home run at the new stadium:

Are you kidding me? At least no one can make fun of the rocks in left center field at Angels Stadium anymore, not when you’ve got that! Admit it, you’re already looking forward to the Dodgers first trip to Florida this year just so you can see that monstrosity in action, aren’t you? Too bad that ain’t gonna happen until August!



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