Ok, I’ve gotta say, that was incredibly fun! I wasn’t sure just what to expect when I was invited to drive out to Los Angeles after my show ended at 6 o’clock on Wednesday night to attend a Van Halen event, but man am I glad I went! Here are some of the video highlights I took with my phone in the little soundstage at the Jim Henson Studios (yeah, the Muppets guy) of the hour long set the band put on for the 250 or so of us that were there:

They came out You Really Got Me, dove right into Running With The Devil and Unchained. Then they broke out a new one called The Trouble With Never from their new CD, “A Different Kind Of  Truth” that is coming out on Tuesday.

Then they did Everybody Wants Some and She’s The Woman, another  new one. Followed that with Dance The Night Away (which was probably the one that Dave had the most trouble with as far as vocal range goes) and Panama, then Tattoo  (which you’ve been hearing on KCAL for a couple of weeks), Hot For Teacher, Ice Cream Man and Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love before they brought out a drum line and Vegas style showgirls amid a massive swirl of confetti flying around the room to wrap it all up in wild style with Jump.

For those that were wondering if Eddie Van Halen still has it, stop wondering. Dude was on. David Lee Roth dove right back into his front man best leading the fun from the stage. He still manages to belt them out pretty well, even if a few of the notes he used to hit have moved on. Alex was driving the thing from behind the drums like he always has. And Wolfgang Van Halen (Eddie’s son) on bass for the band now handled the musical part of it great, if maybe lacking a bit in the stage theatrics part of the show.

Overall, if that is a preview of the tour to come (hitting So Cal in early June, take your shot at tickets in KCAL Nation right now), it is gonna be a great night for VH fans. I’ve gotta say thanks again to those involved for the invitation to the event, it was a hell of a time!




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