Nope, not Dodger Stadium…but close! It’s one of the replica fields at the new Big League Dreams facility in Perris Valley. You may have been to one of the other Big League Dreams locations around So. Cal. before, they’ve got ‘em in Jurupa Valley, Chino Hills, West Covina, and out in the desert in Cathedral City, but they just opened the new one out in Romoland this past Saturday.

When my son was playing travel baseball we used to go to them pretty often, they’re fun locations to play softball or baseball on a great field that is well taken care of. So we decided to go check out the new place during the grand opening on Saturday and take a few pics.

The other locations have some classic replica fields like Ebbets Field, Wrigley, Tiger Stadium, Fenway Park, and others. But the new location has not only Dodger Stadium (in the first picture), but also Angels Stadium:

And the new Yankee Stadium:

Plus, they’ve got a full bar that looks over each of the fields so you can hang and have a beer and watch the game while you’re waiting for your team’s game to start or celebrate not breaking your ankle when your game is over.

Oh, they also have a Fenway Park replica field there, but as a lifelong Yankee fan I couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of it. If you want to check it out, it is off of Highway 74 as you head towards Hemet off of the 215. It’s a cool addition to the I.E….



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