Ok, I finally got around to getting some pictures together for you. My wife and I were fortunate enough to get a chance to go to England for Christmas. My daughter managed to get accepted into the study abroad program and is going through her junior year of college over there, and when an extremely cool family offered us a place to stay for free if we could get our broke asses over there, we jumped on the opportunity! Just needed money for beers at the seemingly hundreds of pubs like this that we hit while we were there:

Yeah, I know, I kept hearing “Wait, wait, I never had a chance to love you…” in my head every time we went in there too. Here’s the little town, Bridgnorth, that we stayed in for a few days:

Then we hopped a ferry over to Ireland, for a couple of days in Dublin! Had to start off with a pint of Guinness at the oldest pub there, The Brazen Head, which dates back to 1198.

Seriously. 11-freakin- 98! And what you’ve heard is true…a pint of Guinness taste different in Ireland. Delicious! If you ever get a chance to go to Dublin, hit the Guinness Storehouse and take the tour, it was great.

Plus, at the end of the tour your ticket gets you a free pint at their Gravity Bar with a 360 degree glass window view of Dublin. Talk about the perfect place to watch the sunset:

Oops, it looks like not everybody in Ireland digs Bono:

Then it was back to England and down to London:

Hey look, here’s that view again! More pubbin’  going on there too:

If you’re not completely bored to tears by now, hit my Facebook page for more photos of pubs and anarchy in the UK. Gotta say though, I had always wanted to visit there but I was never sure I’d ever get the chance, and it wouldn’t have happened without some friends. Huge thanks to Neil, Lyn, Cathy, and Micheal for the use of their home and their great hospitality…you guys rock!




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