Well, Hurricane Irene came and smashed into the East Coast last weekend (you may have heard of it with all of the massive hype on the cable news stations!). And while it  may have been less destructive than the weather people predicted, it did manage to take away something cool that I never even knew we had. I’m talking about The Vagina Tree.

For decades, the V-Tree has been growing in McCarren Park in Brooklyn. That is less than 5 miles from the old Ebbet’s Field, for you Dodger fans. In fact, it was probably planted when the team still played there. The tree, a London Plane tree, grew a strange formation on it’s trunk that resembled the female body part that it was later named after by the locals. It was so loved that it even had it’s own Twitter page. Last April, it was even brought into modern times when some admirer “pierced” it with a 5 inch metal body jewelry ring.

Sadly, following the storm, it was discovered that The Vagina Tree had been snapped in half.

Hopefully they will leave the stump and put up a marker for future generations to know the beauty that once stood there. R.I.P. Vagina Tree.




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