Then he’d be the one cashing in on the t-shirt sales instead of the guy that came up with the new line of “Frankrupt” stuff. A nice way for the frustrated Dodger fans to express themselves as they wait for their prince charming to come and save their team from the evil McCourt.

My wife (the Dodger fan) and I are heading out to Dodger Stadium for Monday night’s 4th of July game against the Mets, and I’m wondering how many of these shirts (or similar ones you can find elsewhere) we’re gonna see at the Ravine. Or if the security guys are gonna mess with people wearing ‘em.

With the Freeway Series getting back underway tonight in Anaheim, I’m guessing the Angels television guys, not to mention the Angel’s Stadium scoreboard video guys, are going to have no problem pointing out Dodger fans wearing their displeasure with McCourt’s ownership of their team on their chests. Especially after the Dodgers still refuse to call them the “Los Angeles” Angels. And hey, another reason to watch tonight? The IE’s own Tyler Chatwood (out of Redlands East Valley High School) looks to keep his great start to a Major League pitching career going for the Angels…



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