Eight. That’s the number of games the NFL may try to sell us on as the official 2011 season. Seriously. Half of the usual number. Eight games. The league has made a contingency plan that would have the season start in late November, play just eight games (6 against the other teams in your division plus 2 against other teams in your conference), and then kick into some sort of playoffs and then the Super Bowl would happen on February 12th, 2011, a week later than originally planned. If you are old enough to remember the 2 strike shortened seasons back in the 80′s, you know how little you regard those seasons in your memory (unless you’re a Redskins fan, they won the championship both of those years). 1982 with only 9 games played, and 1987 with the absolute sham that was the “replacement players” wearing your team’s uniforms in 3 games that actually counted in the standings. What a joke that was.

Don’t make us go through that again. Take care of business and get a deal done. To paraphrase Keyshawn Johnson, “Just give us our damn football!”.




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